Cloud hosting

The accommodation in Cloud is a web hosting technology that brings plenty of benefits to those looking for an on-demand service.

Through this type of hosting it is possible in a few minutes, to have your own hosting environment appropriate to your needs, whether it is simple server to host websites, or a complex platform to host applications, supported by a redudant environment, in terms of servers, disk space, backup and firewall scability.


With Cloud hosting you can benefit from a service, in which the resources are defined by the customer, according to their needs.

The main benefits of cloud hosting are:

  • Flexible and scalable - resources can be tailored according to each customers's needs and at any time;
  • Adaptablel - each platform can integrate virtual or non-virtual environments and increase or decrease the resources allocated easily;
  • Costs reduction  – theres no need to purchase or invest in very expensive software, the customer only pays for the resources he uses.